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Compete with the top video collaboration platforms under your own brand name. Our robust and secure video tool saves costs for your client while providing a tool they need to succeed.

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Don't Send your Clients to another Web Video Software.

Become Their All-in-One, Seamless Communications Provider.

Support for up to 25 participants

Teams stay focused and engaged with 25 participants at a time.

File Sharing

Get coworkers on the same page by sharing the most up-to-date file right in the video. Any files shared go out to participants after the call is over, to make sure no progress is lost.

Enhanced Scheduling options with email invites

Save a few steps by sending calendar invitations directly through the video conference tool.

Active Speaker Detection

Like any top video collaboration platform, Viirtue's tool picks up who's speaking to make sure they're front and center when presenting.

Selectable layouts

Choose from multiple views and layouts so teams can see each other's faces and communicate easily even from a distance.


Easily present to a team with screen sharing. Whether you're making edits to a document together or viewing a slideshow, all teammates will collaborate easily.

Security & Privacy

Viirtue uses WebRTC to keep your web calls secure. What is WebRTC? Unlike other VoIP and video conferencing technologies, encryption is mandated in WebRTC. To send video, voice, or data between two peers in WebRTC, the information must be encrypted with Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP). SRTP encrypts the session, so no one can decode the message without the proper encryption keys.
(Source: https://www.wowza.com/blog/webrtc-encryption-and-security)

Why Offer Branded Video Collaboration?

Looking to add video collaboration to your white label suite of offerings? Viirtue's new option makes your unified communications more robust than ever.

Keep Clients Under One Roof

Don't send your clients to another service provider. With white label video collaboration, you keep your clients away from the competition by anticipating and meeting their productivity needs.  

Perfect Pricing

Our wholesale pricing leaves room for you to set the right price for your clients while leaving you in a competitive position compared to similar services. And with ViiBE, communications invoices are streamlined and straightforward.

Better Support

Your clients know how to reach you when they have a problem, compared to giant platforms with impersonal customer service. All you need to offer is a competitive tool for the job. Viirtue makes sales easy with secure video collaboration, alongside a full suite of UCaaS services combined with your personal client relationships.


The Viirtue Platform

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