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Cloud Fax
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Easy to Use

Faxing no longer requires a separate machine and phone line to get the same security: with cloud fax, Viirtue provides your clients with a branded portal that makes it simple to send and receive faxes for all users.

Step 2
Simple Billing

Whether you sell with a fixed rate or a per-page option, ViiBE handles all the calculations for you and automatically creates an invoice for your clients to pay each month from any device.

Step 3
More than just HIPAA-Compliant

While medical offices are the top users of fax systems, anyone who uses fax needs cloud fax since the top providers have retired landlines. Many industries require secure sending… and you can offer it with Viirtue.

Cloud Fax

Then vs. Now

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With traditional fax,

healthcare providers gave their patients a fax number and let them figure it out from there. The patients usually downloaded a separate app and then eventually found a way to send documents to their provider. This could delay treatment or, at the very least, keeps the provider looking outdated.

But it’s not just the healthcare industry using fax: realtors, government agencies, and banking all use this secure method of communication.

And now landlines are being eliminated, along with physical fax lines.

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With Cloud Faxing through ViiBE,

your clients gain access to their own secure fax portal with your branding to keep their documents secure but easy to access. Providers and patients can send documents through email with the end-to-end encryption you need from a fax service.

ViiBE even makes your life easier as the MSP with automated usage billing and invoicing every month on our intuitive platform. No more late nights calculating and invoicing: just receive payments through an automated Billing Engine that puts MSPs first.

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"We really like the way they work and the way they communicate."

“We were looking for a white-label product that we could offer to our clients as a fully hosted solution. We didn't have that with our other providers. Brian did some vetting of Viirtue’s product and their solution. And it was just a great fit for us. We really like the way they work and the way they communicate. It’s a great product and great relationship.” - Kevin C. & Brian K.

Kevin C. & Brian K.