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Everything you need to sell your white-labeled products.
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Step 1
Finalize Your Branding

When you white-label with ViiBE & Viirtue, you’ll add your brand logo and colors to your invoices and client portals. With those details established, you’ll be ready to customize flyers to promote your business.

Step 2
Browse Our Templates

We’ve created templates that describe our products (your offerings), and we integrate those templates in Canva so you can easily customize them for your brand. Simply update the colors and logos and you’re done: no graphic design experience required!

Step 3
Customize, Export and Print Flyers to Promote your Services

Now you have professional marketing materials that make it easy to sell and compete with national brands.


Then vs. Now

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Before our predesigned templates,

you were wasting time trying to become a graphic designer every time you needed a flyer.

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Now you can become a big brand with the right partner.

When you become a Viirtue partner, you gain access to our marketing templates in easy-to-use formats so you can sell your products quickly and efficiently. We give you everything you need to close the sale, in your own branding.

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“They know what the needs of the partners are because they were partners."

“They know what the needs of the partners are because they were partners, so they're filling all those holes and those voids that were pain points for partners, whether it's quoting, billing, digital signatures, all those types of things, integrations. And what I like about them is they've been there as a partner, as a provider. And so to somebody like me, that's very valuable.”

Bill M.