An Unparalleled Quote-to-Cash Tool

Our streamlined quote-to-cash software automates your quote to cash process ultimately scaling your business by eliminating hours of administrative work while providing best-in-class user experiences for your clients.

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What is Viibe?

Your Complete Reseller Suite

ViiBE takes the stress out of reselling. Watch the video below to learn how ViiBE will change the way you do business.

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Why ViiBE?

More Than Billing

Our all-in-one quote-to-cash software and reseller dashboard makes everything easier. From quoting a new client with e-signatures to automating communications taxes, the ViiBE platform supports your branded phone system so you can provide the best service to your customers.

Collaborative Quoting

Provide professional quotes to your customers from right within our platform. Our software will calculate all taxes and surcharges on the proposal, as well as send quotes to customer emails where they can open in your branded portal and collaborate with you via chat on each line item through the ViiBE portal.

Automated Number Porting

Additionally, our number porting wizard makes it simple to transfer numbers to the Viirtue network. The platform creates branded and auto-populated contracts (including LOAs and RespOrgs) that are ready for signing.

Tax Automation

Automate all of your tax compliance with our tax rating integration. We’ll give you the tools to report, remit and file all of your taxes properly.


Make it simple for your client to sign a contract with secure e-signatures on every document. No need to pay for additional software or require PDF scans from your client with this streamlined all-in-one platform.

How it works

What is Collaborative Quoting?

Watch this webinar recording for details on the ins and outs of Collaborative Quoting, and learn how it can make a huge difference for your team's workflow.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Viirtue's easy to use, integrated learning software digitally onboards you and your team to the Viirtue platform.  Subscribe to courses complete with video learning, quizzes, and certification. Courses cover everything you need to be successful, including sales, troubleshooting, and the platform itself.  Best of all do it at your own pace from our online portal or mobile app.  Have questions?  No problem, ask your assigned instructor or the Viirtue community via discussions.

Branded Marketing Content

Market your services with customizable content without a graphic designer. Our marketing team continuously adds relevant, current content to support your growth goals with an online presence.

Easy-to-Understand Invoicing

Our system will generate monthly invoices for your clients after installation. It automatically invoices fees like international and toll-free usage. Best of all, we don’t take a percentage of your revenue to do so.

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Our friendly and fun customer service team can't wait to meet you and become your partner in scaling your business. We do all the heavy lifting, while your brand gets all the benefits of a robust communications platform.
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