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The White Label Partnership to Accelerate Your Business Growth

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What to Expect

Is White Label Partnership Right for You?

If you’re looking for a full quote-to-cash platform along with the top VoIP solution in the industry, then white label partnership will be the best fit.

Stop managing third-party systems to track each step of the process: use Viirtue’s proprietary, integrated billing engine,ViiBE, that makes it simple to send quotes, contracts, invoices, and more all with your company’s branding.

How White Label VoIP grows your business:

Becoming a white label partner means the end-user only sees your brand, not Viirtue’s. Clients will call you for any support needs, and all of their technology services can be under one roof.

  • Never send your client to another provider again
  • Set your own prices and margins
  • Make the sale using customized marketing materials
  • Only show your brand name: your client will never see Viirtue branding
  • Leverage your own service and support

What's included:

  • Award-winning, fully-featured Class 5 Softswitch VoIP Platform
  • Custom-branded VoIP / UCaaS tools to match your company
  • Training resources for your team and the end user
  • Marketing templates to customize with your own branding
  • Built-by-Viirtue billing engine software for account management
  • Access to our growing cloud services offerings

At Viirtue, we’re former MSPs designing tools with MSPs in mind. We listen to your feedback and develop products to meet your specific needs.

“Why I ViiBE”

What Our Partners Have to Say...

Getting Started as a White Label Partner

Step 1: Setup & Kick-off

We guide you along the way with branding setup and a kickoff call to get the partnership started.

Step 2: Training Courses

Become fully certified in our platform, from the ViiBE billing tool to UCaaS and number porting.

Step 3: Ongoing Support

We guide you through your first install, then transfer you to our support team as you grow your business!

Step 4: Strategic Planning

Viirtue takes a unique, strategic approach to drive success for each partnership with sales support and even custom business plans to win more business based on your specific goals.

White Label vs. Agent Partnership

White Label
White Label
End-Customer Relationship
You own the relationship. Your customer only knows you; they’ll never see Viirtue’s name or branding if you don’t want them to.
Viirtue supports your relationship.
We’ll work together to ensure success, but Viirtue handles all billing and customer support.
Winning New Business
Your sale. Your brand. Your relationship.
You sell under your branding (using Viirtue marketing templates if you need them) and set your own pricing.
Working together with flexible options.
Refer a new client to our sales team and stay as involved in the sales as you want to be. We’ll work with your processes to land business together.
Getting Paid
You pay the wholesale price.
You pay wholesale and then set your own margins for end-customer pricing.
You earn commissions through Viirtue
We pay you monthly recurring commissions.
End-Customer Support
You provide full end-customer support. You take on full end-customer support. We provide you back-end support.
Viirtue handles end-customer support.
End-customers only see your brand.
Choose from our growing library of marketing templates to replace with your branding. You sell based on your own brand, social media presence, and local reputation.
Simply promote our services
Sell Viirtue services with our Viirtue-provided marketing materials and a referral.
Not interested in the commitment? Try our Agent Partnership.

Our free, full-service tool for MSPs

Free for all Viirtue partners, ViiBE makes quoting and billing seamless, so you can grow your business efficiently while serving your clients better.

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An example of the ViiBE platform and End Customer Portal in use on a desktop and mobile device.

Why Viirtue?

Always Innovating

We’re more than a white label VoIP platform: Viirtue is creating new solutions for MSPs to grow their own businesses.

Designed to Serve MSPs

We are built to support our partners. We are known to provide inbound leads to partners based on their coverage area.

Continuously Improving

With ViiBE as a proprietary platform, you can be confident we hear your feedback and act on it.