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No Commitments, Just Commissions

Award-winning VoIP services that sell themselves.

What to Expect

Receive Monthly Residual Commissions for Your Sales

You’ll refer the business and work alongside our team to help close the sale: we take on the support and monthly billing, while you confidently offer award-winning VoIP solutions for your end-customers.

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Getting Started as a White Label Partner

Step 1: Get to Know Us

There’s no commitment for Agent Partners, so hop on a call and find out why Viirtue is the VoIP service you should recommend!

Step 2: Leverage Brandable Templates

We have all the marketing materials you need to sell our service to anyone who needs VoIP and cloud services.

Step 3: Earn Commissions

Our products are reliable and flexible, so they practically sell themselves. Which means you’ll start earning commissions quickly.

Flexible Commitments

White Label
White Label
End-Customer Relationship
You own the relationship. Your customer only knows you; they’ll never see Viirtue’s name or branding if you don’t want them to.
Viirtue supports your relationship.
We’ll work together to ensure success, but Viirtue handles all billing and customer support.
Winning New Business
Your sale. Your brand. Your relationship.
You sell under your branding (using Viirtue marketing templates if you need them) and set your own pricing.
Working together with flexible options.
Refer a new client to our sales team and stay as involved in the sales as you want to be. We’ll work with your processes to land business together.
Getting Paid
You pay the wholesale price.
You pay wholesale and then set your own margins for end-customer pricing.
You earn commissions through Viirtue.
We pay you monthly recurring commissions.
End-Customer Support
You provide full end-customer support. You take on full end-customer support. We provide you back-end support.
Viirtue handles end-customer support.
End-customers only see your brand.
Choose from our growing library of marketing templates to replace with your branding. You sell based on your own brand, social media presence, and local reputation.
Simply promote our services.
Sell Viirtue services with our Viirtue-provided marketing materials and a referral.
Want to sell under your own brand? Try our White Label Partnership.

Why Viirtue?

Full Service VoIP

From redundant data centers protected from outages to physical phone setup in-office, any business can benefit from our VoIP services.

Work-from-Anywhere Tools

Expanding from physical phones, we offer an app that includes video calls and chat to work from anywhere.

Great Support

Our friendly support team guides new customers through the setup and is ready to answer the phone for any questions.

Redundant Data Centers

Through active-active geodiversity, our redundant data centers allow all client data to be accessible during a power outage or storm. As long as they have access to the internet, your clients can still communicate.

Secure & Fast

Viirtue’s VoIP platform uses advanced TLS (Transport Layer Security) for calls and optional military-grade encryption via SRTP (Secure- Real Time Protocol) to keep your clients’ conversations safe and secure.

Network Infrastructure

With Viirtue, you can offer best-in-breed network hardware for your clients with unmatched responsiveness and resiliency. In addition, our servers are second to none and equipped with Juniper firewalls and Cloudflare Magic Transit DDoS Mitigation Software to protect your clients’ data.

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