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Step 1
Set Your Pricing and Packages

Set your own pricing and packages in advance to make sales simple—even while you’re onsite with the client

Step 2
Create & Send the Quote

Choose the relevant options and packages for your specific client, and send them the quote through an intuitive platform that makes it easy to understand and easy to say YES.

Step 3
Make Comments and Finalize

Your client can easily add any comments to the quote, so you can make adjustments and move forward with the sale. Then, they can sign a contract and pay with a credit card.


Then vs. Now

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Before ViiBE,

you spent more time writing the quote than talking to your potential client. You visited the site, gave them an estimate, went back to your office, and patched together several platforms to make a quote, contract, and payment option.…

Then the client would ask for an add-on, and you felt like you were starting all over.

Not to mention following up on monthly invoices that your clients forgot to pay.

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With ViiBE, you can create a quote immediately,

send a link, and your client can easily comment with any changes right within the quote. Once it’s finalized, they can sign and pay with a credit card directly from their mobile device.

Stop wasting time with platforms that only do half the job. Collaborate with your clients quickly and provide the best customer service in the market with ViiBE.

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"ViiBE absolutely automates those functions to make things easier.”

“Getting quotes from the “old telecom regime,” if you will, where you were waiting one week, two weeks to get a quote back. Those types of things don't need to be like that anymore. Right? ViiBE absolutely automates those functions to make things easier.”

Dave G.