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Tax Automation
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Step 1
Build Your Product Catalogue

Create products and assign a tax code to each one. Then, as you build your customer invoices, the products with assigned tax codes will be automatically calculated with usage.

Step 2
ViiBE Calculates all Taxes

Phone bill taxes are confusing and different for every state, in addition to requirements at the federal level. With tax automation through ViiBE, you don’t have to worry about those calculations. We simplify every step so you can send invoices and get paid.

Step 3
Your Clients Pay Through the Portal

Your clients will clearly understand the charges on their invoice, making it easy for them to log into their portal from any device and pay with a Credit Card or E-check.

Tax Automation

Then vs. Now

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The old approach to telecom

left clients confused and unsure if they were paying the right amount. For the service provider, you were paying for an expensive, additional platform to calculate taxes that could be different for every state.

Clients who don’t understand their invoices may be less loyal and look for new deals whenever they get the chance.

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With ViiBE,

you get the time and money back that you were spending calculating phone taxes. And your clients get peace of mind that they’re getting billed the correct amount. With our intuitive end-customer payment portal, they can pay you quickly with a credit card.

Do only the work you want to do, offer great service to your customers, and grow your business easily with tax automation from ViiBE.

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"Being in the industry for a number of years, I could see that this was different."

“We talked to Viirtue and saw everything in one bundle. Being in the industry for a number of years, I could see that this was different, the company is different, how they approach the telecommunications industry is different.”

Curtis R.