Self-service number ordering in seconds.

Now you can order numbers and invoice without the wait.
Number Ordering
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Step 1
Search Our Number Ordering Portal

Find the right area code, toll-free number, and even vanity numbers from our completely self-service portal.

Step 2
Tell Your Clients What’s Available

Show your clients the numbers available in real time so they can place their order immediately.

Step 3
Pull The Number in Seconds

Don’t wait to go back to the office and talk to an account manager: pull the number immediately and add it to the invoice for billing.

Number Ordering

Then vs. Now

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Everytime you’ve ordered numbers in the past,

you’ve had to check the inventory, then call your account manager, and wait to find out if those numbers were even available anymore.

You want your business to grow as your clients grow, but number ordering was a hassle that left you feeling inefficient and outdated.

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As a Viirtue Partner,

you get self-service number ordering in seconds: check the number inventory while on-site with your clients, pull down the numbers they want, and add them to an automated monthly invoice in seconds.

Now, they’ll have their brand new numbers up and running, and you’re serving them better than the competition could ever dream

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Number ordering in seconds, simple quoting, automated tax calculations, recurring billing… all for free when you become a Viirtue partner. Start using our platform to build your business today.

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“When I first got into it, I was very unfamiliar with the telecom space.”

“Viirtue stood out for me just because they’re our technology family. They're always there when I need help. When I first got into it, I was very unfamiliar with the telecom space. And they're very great with training and making sure I was comfortable with everything before I started selling. So they spent probably about a few weeks or a month or more with me just making sure I was comfortable before we brought on the first client.”

Tyler J.