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Create a human experience with every client interaction through optimized features like call monitoring, 200+ CRM integrations, customized reporting, analytics, automate callback, and more make Viirtue an ideal option for your clients' call centers.

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Award-Winning Automated Call Distribution and Analytics Features

Customer Service Representatives are the voice of your business when customers have questions or concerns. Give them the tools they need to succeed with the Viirtue Contact Center.


Keep track of each customer's call with omni channel monitoring. CSRs have visibility into previous calls from the same customer, so the same information isn't repeated over and over. Shorten call times to improve service.

SMS Automation & Reporting

Send automated text messages, surveys, and troubleshooting messages directly as text messages to get better response rates and simplify customer service.

Customizable Modular Wallboards

Customize your call center wallboards (we call them ViiBoards) with trend reports, talk time, or hold time for the group or a specific user. Use these reports to incentivize your CSRs or learn when you need to hire more.

Real-Time and Historic Reporting

Historic reporting helps an executive team learn where they need to increase support or improve the training in a specific department. Whether evaluating personal performance or issues with a new product, you can only improve what you measure.

Automated Call Back

Don't leave customers waiting on the line for hours. With automated callback, they can keep their spot in the queue and get a callback when an attendant is ready to help them.

CRM Integration

With over 200+ CRM integrations, your contact center becomes a valuable tool for your sales team. Sync notes and order details between platforms seamlessly, so the team can solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Viirtue Now Offers Xima Integration

Viirtue is now integrated with Xima, a premium contact center solution previously utilized by Avaya, Cisco, and ShoreTel.

Along with webchat and cradle-to-grave reporting, this integration offers businesses a robust tool to serve customers quickly while improving the call center process.

Features Include: 

·   Webchat

·   Cradle-to-Grave Reporting

·   Customized wallboards

·   Callback Assist

·   Scalable from one to hundreds of agents

·   Skills-based routing and supervisor control

·   CRM integration

Serve Better with Better Call Center Reporting

While chatbots and text messaging seem like the future of customer service, many customers still like to speak to an agent to solve their problems (and sometimes talking to a human is just faster!). Make sure your contact center is operating efficiently with robust reporting tools.

Trend Reports

Track when the most calls come in during the day, so callcenter managers can schedule enough agents to answer the calls. By carefully monitoring peak hours, managers can save on costs by only staffing the busy hours.

Average Talk & Hold Times

We all want talk-time and hold-time to be low for the sake of the customer, but managers can also use these numbers to evaluate the training of the CSR. If they take too long to answer a question or keep putting the customer on hold, they may need more training on the product in order to serve better.

Call center manager scan also use the talk time metric to see how long an agent has been talking incase they need a break to catch their breath.

Personal Productivity

Even if your client doesn't run a call center, these report scan help determine the length of their own phone calls to see if they use their time well. Sometimes a teammate may feel like they take phone calls all daylong, but the reporting tells a different story.


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