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Use our APIs to chat with prospective clients, track leads, send reminder texts, and more through a communication platform in a single package. Launch your software within budget and without delay to start getting results.

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Determine all the ways you want to reach leads and customers through your software: chatbot, voice, text messaging, and any other channel.

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Get in touch with Viirtue for a demo of the platform. Only pay for the features you need (but know you have room to grow with APIs for every channel).

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Connect your software through our APIs to streamline communication at all points of contact.

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Launch your platform and start bringing in the leads or providing customer service to grow your business.

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UCaas vs cpass

What is The Difference Between UCaaS and CPaaS?

These two services sound similar but have very different purposes. Unified Communication includes the phone system, messaging, video conferencing, internal chat, and other communication methods typically team-based or for managing a call center.

CPaaS is used by developers when building an app or independent platform, allowing access to existing tools through APIs for marketing, customer service, and customer-facing notifications. That means your prospective and current clients can contact you in any way they want, and you receive those messages in one location. Developers also build options for automated marketing texts or specific account notifications for clients (password reset, appointment reminds, etc.).

All business owners can benefit from UCaaS within their businesses -- whether they have a contact center or just need streamlined internal communications-- and local managed service providers set up these phone systems. While a unified communications app may have some of the same capabilities, businesses use CPaaS when they’re ready to work with a developer to build an app or a robust website.

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