ViiBE's Documo integration creates an easy way to bill for e-fax services while meeting the unique needs of your clients. Your client can choose how they want to be billed, and ViiBE tracks fax usage automatically to ensure accuracy.

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E-fax billing options include:

• Unlimited faxes
• Bundles for total pages
• Itemized Bundles
• Pay Per Page

Even with several ways to bill for e-fax, ViiBE streamlines the process so you can quote and get paid quickly. Your clients will only get one bill, listed with their existing services, so your process stays efficient. Choose from two options to get started:

• Connect your existing hosted Documo account to take advantage of ViiBE features
• Register for an account through your Viirtue sales rep and create sub-accounts for your clients

Connect an Existing Documo account, or reach out to to set one up!

Link an existing customer account or create a new one right from ViiBE

Meter by Bundle Itemized

Meter by Bundled Total Pages

Meter by Unlimited

Meter by Pay Per Page

ViiBE: Viirtue Billing Engine

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