Viirtues’ geo-redundant platform and HIPPA compliant service is perfect for any healthcare professional and organization.  Viirtue is engineered to protect the transmission of voice services and data between you, your patients and healthcare partners. Healthcare organizations may utilize our award winning mobile app called “GoVoIP” to protect healthcare professional’s private numbers by out pulsing your organizations number from their private mobile device.  Never again will a patient call you on your private number!  This is great for traveling doctors and nursing professionals. Contact us today for more details and our certified HIPPA compliance documents.

Need to remotely stay in touch with clients and legal partners? By using Viirtue’ “WebPhone” you and your firm can work from anywhere!   Need to have a deposition via a conference call? With Viirtues’ conference bridge service now you can merge partners, paralegals, judges, firms and clients into one conference call. Need it recorded as well? We have that too! Need to call a client but without them getting your private mobile number? Then download and utilize our award winning mobile app called “GoVoIP” which pulses your legal firms number instead of you private number. Never again will a client call you on your private number! Are your calls so sensitive you require Encrypted calling? Ask us about our new SRTP (Encryption) for any inbound and outbound call today.

Construction companies have a challenge with keeping track of dozens of employees spread across multiple job sites, but with Viirtue’s business class geo-redundant service you can be anywhere, FAST! Viirtues’ WebPhone provides  your supervisors an easy way of staying in touch without taking time to install traditional phone services at each site. “GoVoIP”, Viirtues’ mobile app (iPhone and Droid) allows all your employees to be able to receive and make calls with a touch of a button. Call recording allows you to keep those verbal contracts from slipping away and change orders from being contested. Viirtues’ solution is perfect for those temporary job sites, saving you thousands of dollars and precious time.

With its 24/7/365 monitored geo-redundant UCaaS solution, Viirtue allows your team to communicate to anyone at anywhere at any time! Not only does Viirtue offer a fast deployable WebPhone (Google Chrome web-browser) you also have access to Viirtues’ mobile app called “GoVoIP” located in the iPhone and Android stores. IT managers can now easily deploy and manage hundreds of users all over the world with the push of a button. Viirtue is a complete one-stop-shop that includes voice services, fax solutions, video solutions and SMS services, which is perfect for any technology firm.

Not only does Viirtue integrate with today’s leading software packages and CRM’s, such as, Salesforce ®, Sugar ®, ZoHo, Connectwise, Act!, Goldmine and Microsoft Outlook ®, just to name a few, your company will also have access to our robust open API platform that allows your team to integrate with virtually anything.

Do you have managers asking for reports? You will have real-time access to dashboards and call reporting or simply schedule different types of statistical data for different managerial personnel.

Real Estate agents are constantly on the go visiting prospective home buyers, visiting property listings and the office. With the use of our mobile app “GoVoIP” you can easily receive calls from the office right on your personal mobile device. How about receiving your voicemail to your e-mail or better yet, how about we SMS text you a transcription of your voicemail right to your mobile device while you are showing a property listing. With Viirtues’ award winning platform we give you the opportunity to better time manage your busy schedule and prioritize your “call backs”. Need to see a fax while you’re are at property listing?  With our  solution you can easily receive your fax right to your mobile phone and/or desktop.

Viirtue gives your real estate agents every tool to close more deals before someone else takes YOUR deal!

Insurance companies many times deal with highly sensitive data, such as social security numbers and financial documents. With Viirtues’ geo-redundant UCaSS cloud platform you can unsure that your data will not be compromised. Do you have a universally spread out customer service team? Well then, Viirtue is perfect for your team. With our WebPhone you can have any employee work straight from the comfort of their own home, meanwhile all their calls are recorded, analyzed and able to be listened to LIVE by any managerial supervisor you select. Call recordings can be saved for as long as you need and can be retrieved right from our call history dashboard.


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