Microsoft Teams


Sell and deploy Microsoft Teams to your clients and seamlessly integrate it with our class-five soft switch to provide an incredible layer of functionality to Microsoft Teams.

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Have a Competitive Edge by Offering Microsoft Teams on the Reliable Viirtue Network.

Simple & Secure Teams

We give you the ability to compete and win business by offering Microsoft Teams to your customers.

  • Great pricing
  • Simple invoicing
  • Robust features of Microsoft Teams
  • Secure, geo-redundant network

Combining the Viirtue network with the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Teams provides a reliable option for many Office 365 businesses. As a reseller, you can offer competitive pricing and win more business.

Your customer gets the collaboration, chat, video, and meme tools that Teams is famous for, hosted on Viirtue's geo-redundant, secure network. By offering Microsoft Teams as an add-on to White Label VoIP, your clients only receive a single invoice, and you get to keep all client information in-house.

Why Microsoft Teams

Businesses that have already invested in Office 365 for their team members prefer the all-in-one file collaboration tool of Teams. This chat-based software allows team members to work on a single document at the same time, eliminating all the document revisions and email chains with updated files.

While chat is also a feature of your white label, branded UCaaS platform, companies that rely heavily on Excel or Word may find it easier to focus their communications within another Microsoft product. From a reseller perspective, the client may go with a new phone system and then add on Teams instead of your branded platform. You'll still have a margin on the sale, and your clients will only have one streamlined invoice to pay.


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