Low-Voltage wiring solutions

Voice & Data wiring

Voice & Data wiring 395 268 viirtue.com

Viirtue technicians can provide certified in office wiring for your employee workstations. Call today to have us survey your project for Cat5e or Cat6 wiring. This wiring is neccesary for your telephones and computers to work. We can upgrade your existing, outdated wiring or start a brand new project in your new location.


Fiber 395 268 viirtue.com

Whether trying to extend a data network passed the recommended 300ft, or looking for the faster speeds of a fiber network, our trained technicians can make this project smooth and efficient.

Sound Solutions

Sound Solutions 397 270 viirtue.com

Viirtue trained technicians specialize in office sound systems. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a sound specialist to create a more comfortable environment in your workspace. new location.